Key elements for excellent Shop Floor Management are reliable and real-time production data collection, modern maintenance management, and visualization of data that enhances understanding.

Top-quality data is the foundation for strategic decision-making. Fact-based foresight may boost the efficiency of production and maintenance by several dozen percentage points.

Shop Floor Management

Daily management, better known worldwide as Shop Floor Management, is a tool for improving a company’s value production, be it a matter of manufacturing products or producing different services.

Shop Floor Management is done at the shop floor level of production. Production management meets with operational employees in a joint meeting where the visualisation, participation and sharing of production inidicators and deviations play a significant role.

The key feature of Shop Floor Management is focusing on the monitoring and solving of production problems and challenges on a daily basis. This enables the personnel to focus their efforts on what is important right now.

According to the Lean ideology, productivity can be improved by reducing waste from a company’s own value production. This means, for example, the development of a certain production process. To ensure that the process does not return gradually back to baseline, it needs to create its own follow-up model.

Routine Shop Floor Management is the solution for this. With Shop Floor Management, the implementation of Lean principles and procedures can be upheld in an organisation. Shop Floor Management is the key for monitoring the smoothness of production flows, i.e. ensuring that the production keeps up to schedules.