ARROW Engineering Oy

We create system solutions for the operational management and development of the production industries and technology. ARROW Operational Excellence concept focuses on improving productivity and shop floor management through data digitalization and visual management. After the implementation of an ARROW solution, the productivity of our customers has increased by 30% or even more.

ARROW combines technology and expertise in a unique way. Our personnel consists of professionals working in expert groups and product development teams.

ARROW was established in 1993. We are a part of Protacon Group. We serve 500 customer companies in 30 different countries. In Finland, these include all the industrial leaders, without exceptions. We possess the most comprehensive knowledge of all industrial fields.

Operating at the top of Finnish industry, ARROW is developing actively. We are always interested in recruiting new professionals.

ARROW as partner?

Choosing a system to support operational production and technology management is a strategic decision. When selecting a system product, you are also selecting a partner to deliver that system. In addition to our unique concept, we, as your partner, want to offer you:


We have almost 25 years of experience in improving productivity in all sectors of the production industry. We bring this valuable experience to all our customer projects.

Expertise in improving productivity

You will have a group of experts in industrial productivity and maintenance working for you. Your company can lean on their expertise during the successful system implementation and beyond.


All the ARROW concept solutions are designed and programmed within our own organisation. We utilise modern technologies in our system development to execute our solutions. ARROW solutions meet the modern-day system requirements in every way.

Work for us?

We are always interested in skilled, hard-working and open-minded employees. ARROW offers an extensive range of challenges and opportunities through different tasks. If you work for ARROW, you are also supporting the competitiveness of Finnish industry and promoting Finnish manufacturing. In addition to Finland, we offer spectacular opportunities in international playing fields. We offer challenges, but we also offer education, encouragement and recognition for your work. We advertise any job openings through our online channels and on the TE Office website. You can submit an open application to