Adven Oy: More than 100 facilities in one maintenance system

Adven produces tailored steam, heating and cooling solutions for companies as well as heat for dozens of district heating networks. The company wanted to streamline the maintenance practices of its various facilities and improve planning practices. As their tools, they selected the ARROW Maint Diary and the ARROW Maint maintenance system.

Adven broke away from Fortum as an independent company in 2012. At the time, Adven already had 30 years of experience creating tailored energy solutions. At the same time, it was decided that the ARROW Maint Diary and the ARROW Maint maintenance system would be introduced in the Finnish plants.

The Maint Diary and Maint maintenance system were introduced in five pilot plants in 2012. The changes were discussed in shared ARROW & Adven workshops. After the pilot stage, new facilities have been added to the system continuously. Currently, the Maint Diary is used in all of Adven’s more than 120 plants and the Maint system in 103 plants. The systems run on Adven’s server and are back-upped daily.

According to Adven’s production engineer Leo Veske, the maintenance system and operations journal were introduced due to more stringent government regulations as well as the customers’ wishes.

“Government regulations have become more stringent. Nowadays, all power plants of more than 5 megawatts must have a maintenance system. All plants are required to maintain a diary. Our customers have requested a system that allows maintenance-related information to be stored safely even if the users change”, Veske says.

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