Again, new brewery customer – ARROW and Norwegian brewing company Macks Ølbryggeri have started cooperation

From left: Mikko Tervala, Peter Calleeuw and Sami Kajan

ARROW and the world’s northernmost brewery, Norwegian Macks Ølbryggeri, have agreed the introduction of ARROW GEMA system solution. In addition to the GEMA data collection solution, the agreement includes product tracking, quality management and ARROW 5S Audit application. The goal is to bring the entire brewery’s production into digital data collection and expand cooperation by developing maintenance management.

Macks Ølbryggeri is the world’s northernmost brewery. The brewery was founded in 1877 by Ludwig Markus Mack. Mack is the fourth largest brewery in Norway and is one of the strongest brands in Northern Norway. The main production is located in Nordkjosbotn, about 70 km from Tromsø.

Need for additional capacity

Mack had a clear need to develop and find more capacity for production. One goal is also to create a clear real-time view of daily shop floor management. With digitalization, it is also a cultural change that is going to be taken one step at a time.

“We needed to come up a fixed KPI standard and on-line performance measurement. We also needed to identify the key opportunities to improve the performance in production and also visualize the performance to all”, says Peter Calleeuw, Supply Director from Macks Ølbryggeri.

Operator aspect and clarity assured

The system was tendered, and in the end, ARROW won over a German, British and Belgian contender. GEMA was selected for clarity, ease of use and due to the ARROW industry expertise.

“Reasons for us to choose ARROW was e.g. the straight forward and very understandable visual aspect of the software for all involved. Also the chosen methodology to involve the operators as much as possible, they are key. And the fact that ARROW has Quality modules and Maintenance system which can work together, avoiding the integration of several software packages and suppliers” Calleeuw summarizes.

An important factor that influenced the decision was ARROW customer references. Mack visited the Olvi Brewery Group in both Iisalmi, Finland and Cesu Alus brewery Cesci, Latvia, to see ARROW’s corresponding system in use.

“The Iisalmi visit was the first taste of the software and was very convincing, especially the fact that the reports and displays were easy to understand for all. The Cesu Alus visit showed how one can take a step by step approach and can easily start small with the system” Calleeuw describes.

The launch of GEMA with Mack has started in January.

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