ARROW Engineering Oy’s concept and brand are renewed

ARROW Engineering has been operating almost 25 years and now the concept of improving the productivity and ARROW brand are renewed. This is a significant invest in the service concept, product development, resources and marketing communications.

The ARROW Operational Excellence concept includes system solutions to enhance productivity, reliability, lead times and shop floor management in manufacturing industry. The solutions aim to improve the operational management and development with help of digitalisation and visual management.

The tangible benefits of using the ARROW solutions are significant, measurable figures in the euro. The ARROW Operational Excellence ֭ concept also strongly supports Lean-principle in the organization.

The new brand was created to encourage the customer

With the launch of the new ARROW Operational Excellence concept, the new brand crystallizes the concept’s core message: Leading Operational Excellence.

“We want to challenge ourselves and our customers. With almost 25 years of experience, ARROW is a leading partner in system solutions for operational management development in manufacturing industries in Finland. At the same time, we want to challenge our customers to lead their own production with excellent information and manner, “says Seija Hyppönen, who is responsible for marketing communications.

100% of Finnish expertise

The keys to ARROW’s long history and steady growth have been expertise, experience and technology. Experienced industrial productivity and maintenance professionals lead system projects and are there to support the customers development process. All conceptual system solutions are designed and programmed with modern technology in Jyväskylä.

A continuation of 2016 development

In autumn 2016 ARROW Engineering Oy’s ownership base expanded. Previously Pekka Pylkkänen owned company were by joined Kalle Häkkänen, Juho Vuohelainen and Sami Kajan. All the owners are in key positions and have invested in the company with their own equity and commitment.

“The new concept as well as the brand reform are a continuation of the development process that began last year. The goals are set together to a new level. Development of production is a change, change requires leadership, management needs the right information. The ARROW Operational Excellence concept provides our customers with high-quality operational information to support the digitalisation of fact-based management. Feedback from our current customers and feedback on new negotiations has been very encouraging. We are confident we are on the right track, “says Pekka Pylkkänen, CEO

For more information:

Seija Hyppönen
Manager, Marketing and Communications
040 751 0722

Pekka Pylkkänen
0400 546 141

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