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The ABB electric motor factory in Vaasa is using the ARROW Machine Track for production monitoring. It is connected to the maintenance software ARROW Novi, which means that possible problems can be taken care of quickly. The accumulating data forms a list of problems to which special attention should be paid.

“The fact that we do not manufacture and store motors but prepare them as the customer’s orders them poses a distinct challenge to our production. An average production series consists of 1,7–2 motors, so production must be flexible. Simultaneously, this is a challenge for availability and maintenance,” says Maintenance Supervisor Jani Hienovirta. According to Hienovirta, the target availability rate set for the factory is over 98 per cent. In order to achieve this goal, machine control and maintenance software solutions were acquired to make the work procedures and maintenance as efficient as possible.

Software solutions work well together

One of the main reasons for choosing ARROW was that the software solutions responsible for machine control in production and for service functions in maintenance operate together and in connection to each other. Quick error messages sent directly to the maintenance department set repair work into action immediately. Additionally, Machine Track provides the maintenance department with information about machines causing the most problems and about the seriousness of the flaws with regard to the entire system.

Another benefit of software systems working together is that the operating and maintenance personnel do not have to learn how to use multiple programs with different user interfaces. In the modern world, almost everyone is familiar with working with a web browser, and so the monitoring and maintenance software systems are easy to learn.

The current maintenance software prevents information from being lost with personnel. Systematic information gathering and distribution ensure that essential knowledge and experience of the maintenance of certain machines does not leave the factory with the employees.

Hienovirta praise the customization possibilities of the ARROW system and the quick availability of fine software adjustments. Additionally, the Machine Track Info Views have received thanks from all personnel groups – they allow one to see the production status right away in a few seconds upon arrival at the work site.

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