Adven produces tailored steam, heating and cooling solutions for companies as well as heat for dozens of district heating networks. Adven’s typical customers are industrial companies with production facilities that require a lot of energy. Adven has heating plants everywhere from Hanko to Levi and Sodankylä. In addition to Finland, they also have business operations in Estonia and Sweden.

The company wanted to streamline the maintenance practices of its various facilities and improve planning practices. As their tools, they selected the ARROW Maint Diary and the ARROW Maint maintenance system.

According to Adven’s production engineer Leo Veske, the diary acts as the facility’s log. All plant visits and even the smallest maintenance events are recorded in it. Larger repairs and maintenances, on the other hand, are recorded in the Maint maintenance system. “Government regulations have become more stringent. Nowadays, all power plants of more than 5 megawatts must have a maintenance system. All plants are required to maintain a diary”, says Veske.

“The benefits have been concretized, it is noted that making the work order to the system takes just a minute. Operation Managers’ job is easier when they can closely monitor the progress of the work and are able to get reports they need quickly and in real time. Most of the maintenance workers use Maint maintenance system web-version with tablet”, Veske summarizes.

The tools were introduced in five pilot plants in 2012. After the pilot stage, new facilities have been added to the system continuously. Currently, the Maint Diary is used in all of Adven’s more than 120 plants and the Maint system in 103 plants.

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