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The Fazer confectionery factory at Lappeenranta has a long tradition in Finnish sweet making history. Its roots are in the Chymos factory that was established in the 1920’s. At the moment, the annual production of the factory is approximately 18,000 tons, and the staff numbers about 350. Altogether, Fazer Confectionery in Finland employs about 1080 people and produces 64,000 tons of different taste sensations.

At Lappeenranta, there are roughly seventy production and packaging lines that in various ways depend on each other. It would be practically impossible to systematically develop the production manually or through statistical methods, so the production is being automatically monitored with the ARROW Machine Track system.

The numerous production lines of the confectionery factory affect all the factory’s processes. Therefore, measuring overall equipment effectiveness and locating problems is extremely important. The measuring also gives information on cost savings.

The price of availability is unambiguous

Technical Manager Jari Vahersalo says that at Lappeenranta, the monitoring is used to measure overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). This means that the components of availability, performance and quality are multiplied with each other. Knowing this gives motivation for searching the bottlenecks and critical points of production in exchange for a maximal yield”, he says.

He says that different sweet assortments are becoming more popular year by year. In for example packaging, this means that different parts of production are even more tightly linked together. The sweet assortment cannot be packaged if there are no yellow sweets, and therefore also the packaging of other colours of sweets is delayed.

According to Vahersalo, the best quality of ARROW Machine Track is clearness. At a single glance you see which lines are currently in operation. You can also see the recent operation history, that is, the availability during the last few hours.

A tool for reporting

Machine Track is utilised in roughly half of the production lines. The emphasis is on the newest machines, because they are the most important from the viewpoint of total production.

The Fazer concern chose SAP as the primary tool for managing the operations. Machine Track is integrated to the SAP system. “SAP gives us the production plan and Machine Track tells the reality, which can then be compared to each other” says Maintenance Supervisor Toni Kaljunen.

According to Vahersalo, ARROW Machine Track is a convenient tool for reporting, because information obtained through it can be summed up and simplified. In this way, the information is visually available. Fazer is also using Machine Track Quality Management tool which enables the quality checks of process to be performed directly on the system instead of paper.

Clarifying maintenance operations

The Lappeenranta confectionery plant has a long history of using the ARROW Maint system for maintenance organisation, and during the spring of 2016, the system was updated to the new ARROW Novi. Already during the Maint period, the maintenance system was used to run the entire factory’s machinery and, among other things, to manage the spare parts and preventive maintenance work in the electrical department. In addition, error notifications and defect reporting were carried out entirely through the system. Naturally, these functions were also transferred in full to Novi. It was also decided to transfer some new, previously SAP-run tasks into Novi. These included e.g. all preventive service tasks, route maintenance and device management within mechanical maintenance, as well as the management of spare parts in the mechanical sector.

The switch to Novi was initiated when the company wanted to clarify the operations of the maintenance organisation and reorganise them in such a way that mechanics could carry out their work using only one system. After the transfer, daily maintenance activities are now predominantly carried out through Novi.

A well-functioning maintenance system is of vital importance at the Fazer confectionery factory, as over 3000 error tasks are entered into the system each month. The factory also employs several outside operators and subcontractors, which means that the system must be user-friendly and reporting must be made easy. In addition, work supervision and monitoring are of essential importance – after all, there are approximately 40 mechanics working at the factory every day.

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