More than 70 % of the district heat in the Kouvola area is produced as electricity and heat co-production using biofuels and natural gas. The production is both efficient and environmentally friendly. The Kymin Voima plant is the base load power plant for district heating in the area.  During peak loads and summer shutdowns the Hinkismäki natural gas power plant, as well as other natural gas heating plants, are used. KSS Lämpö Oy has 17 natural gas heating plants and two district heating pump stations.

In the Autumn of 2014, KSS Lämpö purchased an ARROW Novi maintenance system, to manage the maintenance work of district heating plants as well as district heating and natural gas pipelines. These three clear-cut areas of responsibility are managed by a maintenance organization of around 10 persons. There was no earlier system for maintenance organization and monitoring so Novi was taken in use from scratch.

“When selecting maintenance software, the most important criteria for us were that it should have a clear, internet-based user interface, be easy to start using, have a fairly simple machine hierarchy and low total costs. The total costs were lower because we didn’t have to hire external help to create the system and our share of the labour was only moderate as well”, operations manager Jari Klemettilä from KSS Lämpö says.

The project was a compact two-month process where roughly half the time was spent collecting basic information. The actual project consisted of a few days creating settings and some introductory training. “The clear and logical user interface does not require a separate user manual. Half a day’s orientation is enough to get you started. The system has helped us organize and complete our scheduled inspections and maintenances”, Klemettilä continues. ARROW Novi Diary was also introduced at KSS Lämpö at the same time, activated at the start of the project and has been in use ever since.

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