Lujabetoni is the third biggest concrete manufacturing company in Finland. It is a strongly growing company whose competitiviness is based on extensive know-how in concrete manufacturing and active development work.

The maintenance of Lujabetoni was outsourced in the beginning of this millennium but it was taken back into the company’s own command in 2012. At the same time, the company started to use ARROW Maint in maintenance. In Lujabetoni, the person in charge of maintenance is the service manager Jukka Rautiainen, and the responsible for Maint system the service representative Jouni Heikkurinen.

Maintenance to the company’s own command

Lujabetoni took maintenance to its own command two years ago. At the same time, the management set a clear objective to choosing the maintenance system. With its help it should be established effective cost control.

“We took maintenance to our own command because we wanted to get maintenance in perfect control. Our objective was the possibility to follow up the development of our action and achieve cost savings”, says the Service Manager Rautiainen about the background of the decision.

“Our management was very strongly involved in the supply process and start-up phase which helped a lot in advancing the process”, says Heikkurinen and thanks the management’s contribution.

“From ARROW’s perspective it was clear from the beginning of the project that the overall cost control of maintenance has a very important role. In ARROW Maint, cost-related information is analysable in concentrated manner through the solutions developed with Lujabetoni. Work cost accounting by taking into account coefficients of the form of wages and linking material costs for projects in ERP guarantee the right information to support right development projects”, says Ville Vilhu, the responsible for the project on the behalf of ARROW.

Visuality and usability in important role

In Lujabetoni, several options were considered while choosing maintenance system to be commissioned.

“Clear objectives were set for the maintenance system. The system should enable efficient and systematic control of own resources and projects. In distributed maintenance, it is indispensable that the directors have a tool to enable this. In addition, project control was important for us. Our objective is naturally to control and save in maintenance costs”, says Rautiainen.

Among different options, ARROW Maint stood out with required functions and its usability and the visual solutions of user interface.

“I noticed that ARROW is like tailor made for us. It is simple, and most importantly, easy for the users just like the system must be” says Heikkurinen.

“ARROW’s strengths are e.g. in the visual interface; when you open the work planning you see which projects are finished and which are not. Also the installers see right away the work schedule and which projects they have been assigned. It is this very usability that beat the other options”, says Heikkurinen.

Maintenance system in extensive use

Lujabetoni has taken ARROW Maint into very effective use. Services are conducted, the resources of installers are controlled, user upkeep is utilised in many localities and overtime of staff counted with ARROW Maint.

“We use the system very extensively. For example, maintenance is operated completely through Maint including spare parts. It has been a very succesful solution to us that the spare parts are registered in Maint under different projects and not as spare parts. In this way, stock control does not occupy us at all”, says Heikkurinen satisfied.

At the moment, the maintenance system is in accordance with the targets set when we started to the commissioning of the system in February 2012.

”We have even exceeded our targets because overtime control was not included in the original plan. The system counts all the necessary coefficients and makes calculation of salaries much easier”, says Heikkurinen.

“From the perspective of management in Lujabetoni, we have been able to monitor the realisation and efficiency of maintenance better than before”, adds Rautiainen happily.

Central advantages of maintenance system

The staff has reacted very positively to the new system. The user-friendly maintenance system is regarded before anything as a factor that makes one’s own work easier.

Heikkurinen says that the modern maintenance system has many concrete advantages to the company operation:

“First of all, efficient and systematic control of own resources. We have small concrete mixing plants across the country and we can control them with the help of the system; we monitor realised projects and what has remained undone. In this way, we optimise the use of subcontractors. We register all the time to what extent we use subcontractors in proportion to our own work. Always in some point there is a moment when it is worth to employ more staff and not to continue subcontracting” says Heikkurinen.

“We can utilise work control for directors and users in many ways. For example, the installers can in fault situation check the fault history if there have been similar problems before, which helps repairing equipment. In addition, we utilise the fault history when planning services: We order parts and register stoppages and reserve the installers’ resources. We see to what our own time suffices”, says Heikkurinen.

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