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Luvata Oy, which previously operated under the name Outokumpu Copper Products, found itself in a challenging situation at the beginning of 2006. Management of maintenance tasks which were previously outsourced were to be assumed by the company, and the maintenance programme needed to be built from scratch.

One major difficulty was that the whole organization had to be set up quickly since production could not wait a long period for maintenance to be created slowly. Even though the personnel were familiar with the factory and tasks, tools and management systems had to be acquired which posed a potential for delay.

”We ended up selecting maintenance management using ARROW Maint software. We had already been using Machine Track, so based on that, the decision felt natural. But the promised quick implementation and flexible customisation were particularly important in the selection,” Maintenance Manager Matti Hynninen explained.

Ten times the Speed

Hynninen recalls that the promised implementation time was only ten percent that of what other software providers were offering. As a result, data was already being entered into the system after the first week of January, and after a further two weeks, work hours were logged using the system.

The initial situation was challenging for maintenance in every way, because only the equipment hierarchy was received as a ready excel file. The most important element, the history information, was missing.

It was possible to customize the system as desired. Careful consideration of the reporting and fault classification enabled the system to form a highly specific basis for maintenance development. The newly created model is an efficient tool that can be used for the next 10 to 30 years.

”We have received even positive feedback from our maintenance subcontractors. Clear classification promotes great post-analysis – now the subcontractors can also see the reasons why they have needed to visit us.  We have seven different types of plants with different types of problems. We need to be able to identify these problems so that maintenance can be efficiently managed,” Hynninen reports.

A Tool for Mechanics

When Luvata decided to acquire the maintenance management software, the initial requirement was that it should work as a tool for the technicians. The software was not intended as the top management control and reporting system, but as a tool for preventive maintenance.

Usage clarity and simplicity were essential features for the chosen solution, and as a result, the Maint software is easy to learn and provides users a positive experience. This generates significant time savings as 45 technicians continuously enter data into the system.

Hynninen explained that the system also records maintenance, repair and development work carried out by the production department. There is actually more of this kind of work than subcontracting requested by the maintenance department. The software also has a link to production and its machine management through Machine Track.

”Maintenance is a key part of production and the shared reporting system is a natural solution. This way the production department can see the progress of repairs and maintenance and can be prepared accordingly,” Hynninen accounted.

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