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Metsä Wood provides premium-quality wood products for construction, industrial and distribution customers’ needs. The company’s primary products are timber, plywood, Kerto® and glulam. Metsä Wood is part of Metsä Group, which covers the whole wood value chain from sapling to product.

Metsä Wood’s Suolahti plywood mill has used Machine Track actively since 2005. The mill comprises three factory units, namely the birch plywood, spruce plywood and Kerto units. After the positive experiences at the Suolahti mill, and as other mills demonstrated the need for a change, Machine Track was commissioned also at Metsä Wood’s factories in Punkaharju and Lohja in 2015.

Automated data collection benefits immensely the control, management and development of a factory such as the Metsä Wood facilities. Manual collecting is simply not sufficient, and the quantity of data is too large for individual calculations. Indeed, Machine Track is a valuable tool in the daily operations of Metsä Wood. When the factory management and production workers come to work, Machine Track provides them with an instant view of the evening and night shifts’ performance. This gives them an opportunity to anticipate what the workday is going to be like. In addition, the real-time status of a factory can be checked easily even during a business trip.

Aiming at undisrupted production flow

Machine Track allows for the inspection of the most essential production indicators, such as production efficiency, run times, and raw material utilisation ratio. Ramp-ups and shut-downs, as well as different malfunctions, are monitored extra carefully. The purpose of active monitoring is not only to optimise production, but also to guarantee a smooth production flow.

Currently, there are 106 machine lines connected to Machine Track and thousands of I/O parameters to be studied. The process is measured and screened for e.g. temperatures, pressure values, running metres, item quantities and volumes, as well as any significant product information. The considerable number of measuring points and analogue signals is characteristic for the process industry.

“Up until 2016, the common goal of ARROW and Metsä Wood has been to automatize data collection at the plants through a machine integration project, and to harmonise the plants’ operation at the same time. Once the factories have been made commensurable, the focus of the project will shift more and more towards continuous improvement of quality. This essentially includes features such as standardised plant reports and the improvement of quality reporting,” says ARROW Director Juho Vuohelainen.

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