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In the shipyard that has been transferred to Meyer’s family the agile completion of hull components and sub-assemblies is facilitated with the Machine Track system. It takes approximately two years to complete a single vessel. According to Meyer Turku shipyard’s hull production Development Coordinator Petri Uotila and System Specialist Petteri Soininen, there is work in Turku for shipyard workers for at least five years.

Pioneer of robotics

One of the tools used in production development is the ARROW Machine Track system. It has been used to monitor the shipyard’s production since the end of the 1990s. At that time, it became necessary to gather information regarding the operation of plasma cutting and welding robots used in the manufacturing of hull components and in sub-assemblies.

“Turku shipyard has acted as a pioneer in the utilisation of robotics. Machine Track has been used since the beginning to facilitate the development of automated production”, Uotila explains.

At the moment, Machine Track is used to monitor the operations of 17 numerically controlled automated machines. The system is used by the robot operators, foremen, and shipyard maintenance personnel alike. The main target for measurements is efficient operating time, but information regarding disruptions and waiting periods is also gathered. The collected data is used to make component production more efficient.

“For example, a couple of years ago we implemented a development project on the bulkhead line based on Lean procedures, in which we utilised the data collected by Machine Track to optimise production. As a result, the production of bulkhead metres was doubled. Now we have implemented Lean methods on other production lines as well”, says Uotila.

At Meyer Machine Track is used through a browser, enabling the system to be used on mobile devices as well. Meyer has also a Machine Track Quality Management module for operator quality checks and a Layout View that tells the state of the hull production tracking status in the plant’s Layout view.

“With the module, the measurement accuracy of profile components and plate panels can be entered straight into Machine Track. There is no need for hand-written records that were required before”, Soininen explains.

Uotila and Soininen are happy with the long-term co-operation with ARROW, as well as the benefits brought on by Machine Track.

“The basic functions of the Machine Track system are ready, and the development work on the program has run smoothly”, says Uotila.

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