Machine control and maintenance data moves freely from one operator to another at the Moventas factory in Ikola, Finland. The purpose of control systems is to facilitate manufacturing and improve the operating rate.

Moventas originates in the Valmet power transmission factory at Rautpohja in Jyväskylä, Finland. The factory at Rautpohja is still in operation but a new factory was built in Jyväskylä due to rapidly growing customer demands. The core of its production is the machining and hardening of gears and the assemblage of wind turbine gears. The new factory is very modern. Also the products are very demanding because all maintenance and repair work at a wind park is expensive.

The maintenance of the factories at Ikola and Rautpohja has been outsourced and is managed by Maintpartner Oy. The maintenance work is controlled with ARROW Maint software. At the Ikola unit, there are six maintenance workers for both electricity and mechanics; the Rautpohja unit is twice the size of Ikola, and therefore also has twice the personnel.

“Maintpartner provides the service, and simultaneously the production managers can monitor the maintenance schedule through the control systems. The well-tried system is convenient, because the production personnel can see the maintenance capacity when a service call is made. It allows the personnel to estimate how soon help is available”, says maintenance engineer Jani Hänninen.
The three most important Arrow software systems are applied at the Ikola factory. The software should work together as well as possible. Therefore, the Maint service call travels through Machine Track. Andon will be introduced in the assemblage according to the schedule.

Altogether, Moventas and Arrow Engineering have 15 years of shared history behind them.

“Preparing reports for meetings is quite frustrating. For us it is easy, because in the weekly and monthly meetings with Maintpartner, we use the real-time displays of Maint and Machine Track. The displays show the information of ARROW Maint and ARROW Machine Track from the required time periods. The information can also be transferred directly to the minutes of the meeting, which saves us from unnecessary copying and allows us to spend the saved time on more useful tasks”, says Hänninen.

The system displays the errors, their causes and the required time for repair. The information also reveals the machines with most failures and the consequences of the failures. The most characteristic feature of the system is transparency and the reduced amount of work done manually.

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