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Paulig Ltd and its subsidiaries located in Baltic countries and Russia constitute Paulig Group Coffee Division. The company was founded in 1876 and is still family-owned. Paulig is the largest coffee producer in Finland. In the roasting house opened in 2010, over 43 million kilograms of coffee is produced yearly.

Machine Track in variable use

Paulig has collected data on production machinery with the help of ARROW Machine Track since 2005. With the big production volume, production efficiency measurement and control are a part of the central daily routines of the roasting house.

In the new roasting house, Paulig has connected important extensions to the basic system of Machine Track. They have OEE measurement, product control, a control screen for use of the operators, a layout screen, quality measurements and a connection to ARROW Novi maintenance system in their use.

“Before, the operators registered e.g. quality reports on paper notes and now we wanted to get rid of all the paper filling on the lines. At the same time when you click the system you can easily register all the quality measurements there”, says Janne Nikula, the process development engineer responsible for new installations of Machine Track.

There are 25 objects in monitoring system e.g. bagging and packing machines. The system counts overall equipment effectiveness, OEE of the production equipment. “In the old premises we used Machine Track basic system that we now extended remarkably. The first installations of the extension were made one year ago and with them the operation philosophy also was updated. Now the users can give defining causes for stoppages”, says Nikula.

“Extensions have been widely commissioned because our objective is to move to a real-time process control and be able to react faster than before to observed incidents”, Nikula continues.

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