Maintenance is a key part of the development of production, as maintenance personnel gather information on how to develop devices and activities. In connection with the relocation of its factory, Panda brought its previously outsourced maintenance back to the organisation.

”We at Panda have come to the conclusion that maintenance should also be included in the core activities of the company. The maintenance personnel have plenty of experience that is essential in the management of machines and processes. This also has a key role in the improvement of the operating rate of manufacturing,” explains electrical and automation expert Arto Liimatainen.

He also notes that subcontracted maintenance is cost-effective in principle. The challenge is to keep the roles of the organisations clear. The subcontractor and the general contractor both have their own interests and goals for operation and these may sometimes differ. One challenge is also the personification of information, which is significant for development work.

Long experience in ARROW software

Panda has over a decade of experience in using ARROW software. Maintenance has been monitored and managed with ARROW Maint and availability has been developed with Machine Track. When maintenance was outsourced, the maintenance company was using ARROW Maint. Now Panda has acquired its own license and the history information was transferred to the newly licensed software.

”We have maintenance history data of the machines dating back nearly two decades.  It was all effortlessly transferred to Panda’s server, everything happened in schedule and we received good support for the transfer process. After the test transfer, we saw that everything was working out well, and next the whole mass of data was imported to our information system without difficulties. This was facilitated by the fact the history information had been defined as our property.”

Previously the problem was that the two programmes were used in the information systems of different companies, so the information could not be seamlessly synchronised. For instance, information of a long production break discovered by machine running monitoring was not directly sent to the maintenance organisation for clarification.

Liimatainen also explains that the intention was to change maintenance to be carried out based on realised running hours, and this is why the aim was to transfer the running time data directly for Machine Track to Maint.  This helps to target maintenance correctly and to lighten the workload of the company’s own organisation.

Harmonised software

Both programmes of ARROW carry out their own tasks and simultaneously work together. Machine Track monitors the running and the utilisation ratio of machines, thus forming a clear picture of the performance of production. Now the software will also start making maintenance requests when the pre-set running time is up. This feature is referred to as RTM, Real Time Maintenance. Also in the case of a longer standstill, Machine Track will react by sending a fault notification to Maint. This feature is called ACM, Automatic Condition Monitoring.

Production workers use a familiar, browser-based interface.  Using the interface, one can enter fault notifications to the system and add reasons for various errors to the system. Liimatainen explains that using the system is nearly perfect, because without persistent maintenance, there will be no reliable operating data or reporting.

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