Prysmian Group Oulu plant has been using Machine Track since the beginning g of 2011, while the trial phase started during the summer 2010. The most significant production problems have already been uncovered, and a repair price has also been determined. A clear repayment period can be calculated for the repair investments.

”When production data can be clearly determined, a direct price can be calculated for lost production time and line capacity. Making investment proposals is easy when they are based on undeniable numerical data”, declares Production Manager Mikko Tolvanen. Tolvanen describes the experiences using the software positively. The system is now connected to 17 of the main production lines, and the system measurements represent the first reliable numerical measurements on production operations and availability.

Vital OEE

The entire Prysmian corporation today focuses a lot of attention on the Overall Equipment effectiveness indicator (OEE). A positive rate is calculated when a plant operates continuously at its maximum speed and produces acceptable quality. However, changeovers in product types, for example, can easily bring the indicator down even for a well operating plant.

Tolvanen explains that two production monitoring systems had already been tested at the plant, but only Machine Track, the third one tested, can effortlessly provide a reliable OEE indicator. The Oulu plant is among the first ones in the group to apply OEE in practice, and all production plants of the group will certainly be interested in its experience.

”In the end, the functioning of the system depends on whether the operators identify any emerging problems, immediately. In this respect, staff user training achieved clear improvements – a couple of hours of training were enough to clarify how the system works and demonstrate its aims. After this, the staff were clearly motivated in using the software”, reports Head of Maintenance Ari Veteläinen.

The advantage of Machine Track for the users is its simplicity: the cause of a stoppage can be recorded with one press of a button. According to Veteläinen, the advantages of the system are not only evident in production; the maintenance function also offers clear benefits by providing the availability data in clear numerical format. This makes it easier to target and anticipate maintenance steps and to prioritize problems.

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