Having the Helsingin Sanomat on the coffee table in the morning is result of a long process, in which the printing of the newspaper is a significant phase. In Sanomala Oy’s newspaper printing press in Vantaa, over 100 tons of paper is transformed into newspaper by database-controlled machinery weighing thousands of tons. The company has gone through a major transformation process during the past few years. The entire production machinery has been replaced during this millennium and at the same time the level of automation has risen significantly.

In 2004 Sanomala started organizational restructuring and a strong emphasis was placed on training and adopting the new approach. The purpose was to remove former department borders, expand expertise and allocate resources to the prevention of faults. Cost savings both in maintenance activities and in the whole process were wanted too. The company used ARROW Maint maintenance system as a tool in reaching the goals. After that Sanomala has acquired the Novi system.

The starting point in the maintenance system implementation is that all repair visits are entered into the system as a fault repair or maintenance request. The collected data and the correlation to fault locations thereof have created the possibility to direct the production activities to utilize the production machinery more evenly. The production department creates the fault repair requests via the network. The system is simple and easy, which has increased the production department’s motivation to use it. “Developing the organization and practices in maintenance department of Sanomala has required persistence and patience. With all the changes and modifications Sanomala has achieved a functional maintenance department that supports production activities”, says production Manager Janne Räihä from Sanomala.

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