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Make your work easier, efficient and safe

5S is a method known from Lean philosophy for maintaining cleanliness, safety and order of the work environment. 5S can be used to reduce wastage in the work process by standardizing the audit rounds of the 5S method.

ARROW 5S Audit is a complete and easy-to-use solution for digitizing audit rounds. With electronic and customized inspection forms, easy recording and transparency of information you are able to create a real and lasting change in the work environment.

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Minimize waste, maximize security

5S organized working environment is everybody’s business, all the way from factory floor to top management.

Increase safety
Meet quality standards
Grasp deviations on time
Increase work efficiency

Production Manager, forget the consultants flip charts and excel sheets

With a digital application, you bring the entire work community into 5S mindset and make the procedures transparent. With the 5S system, you can highlight the best performance, reward your successes and motivate the entire team to build a more efficient and safer work environment.


Digitize – since there is no Lean in the mass of paperwork

Digital 5S is a real improvement. In the cloud, data is available to everyone and the progress is clearly presented. Additionally – no more hidden information behind people or mysterious scratches on paper. 5S Audit allows you to complete task lists, audit and investigate event history from one screen.

Quality Manager – Are you haunted by ISO90001?

With the digital 5S system, you create a systematic framework for the quality requirements of the work environment and ensure a permanent policy for auditing.

Create thriving safety culture

What is the value of one employee’s life? Work safety cannot be overachieved. The digital 5S system ensures that the workspaces are under control as agreed together. The 5S system is the most effective way to ensure the functionality and safety of production facilities. Self-reminding and guiding browser will make you reach your goals.


5S is not an ordinary software project, it is easy to implement and learn to use – just like using web-browser. In the cloud, data is available for everyone and the progress is clearly presented.

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Get started right away with affordable monthly payment

Our browser-based 5S application is fast and easy to implement. You can scale the service according to your needs, with a monthly fee without large initial investment or longer-term commitment.

We guide you through the implementation

With the help of our experts, you take the 5S system to be a functional part of production and maintenance operations.

We help you to make the most of your 5S service

Our customer service is ready to help with any questions and technical troubles.



ARROW Operational Excellence

Lead your productivity with excellent information

We offer a comprehensive solution for improving productivity and shop floor management by utilizing digitalisation and visual management.

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