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Boost your production lead-time

Andon is an alert and reporting system for production lines.

Andon enables the operator to slow down or halt production if a problem is detected.

The detection of a problem starts a problem-solving process, in which the necessary personnel are summoned to solve the issue at hand.

Cut production waiting periods with speedy communication

Cut lead-times
Improve the security of supply
Improve quality

Requesting and receiving assistance quickly

Andon system sends an alert to the team supervisor or another person needed on site to solve the problem on the production line. The alert can be made with several different visual or audio-visual tools or via SMS or e-mail.

Aiming at shorter lead-times

Smooth communication in the event of a malfunction significantly decreases production waiting time. When assistance arrives, problem-solving starts immediately. An entry is made into Andon that repair work has been initiated.

Visual data as support for management

When the problem is solved, the operator documents its cause and duration into the Andon system. Collecting causes for production stoppages facilitates decision-making and finding solutions to ensure an even smoother production flow. Visual sharing of information in a factory environment increases interaction and improves communication.

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In addition to disruptions, the ARROW Andon info screens located in the production environment show how much has been accomplished of the day’s production target, as well as the number of occurred alerts. The screens also display a real-time indicator demonstrating the quality of assembly. Production managers document the reasons behind malfunctions into the Andon system by using predetermined reason codes.

BRP Finland Oy

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"Andon has really helped, the bottlenecks were able to be identified and removed, and within a few months, the indicators showed a rapid recovery. Whenever any problem was raised, they also resolved together"

Petri Kivelä, Wärtsilä Finland Oy

Andon features

Visual interface for a Call for help

Help requests from the Andon user interface can be visualized so that everybody in the production can see when, where and who needs help.

Text message alarms

The Andon alarm can be sent as SMS to a person needed.

Email alarms

The Andon alarm can be sent as Email to a person needed.

Audio alarms

Audio alarms can be, for example, defined music in production facilities, which tells you which workstation needs help.


Andon's reporting tells you, for example, what is the support organization response time averaged, the repair time, and how many times the assistance was requested on a single line, machine or workstation.

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