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Increase productivity

Machine Track MES system boosts productivity by compiling essential data from production.

The system supports and guides production operators, foremen and managers in decision-making and enhancing efficiency – with only one user interface.


Pinpoint the bottlenecks in your production

And ensure continuous development towards the Lean ideals.

Less variation
Less non-productive time
More flow
Less waste

Reliable real-time data

Genuine productivity leaps require reliable data. Machine Track collects information automatically in real-time from production machinery, operators and integrated systems.

Just one user interface

With Machine Track you can manage your entire operational production through a single interface. A diverse range of functions and integrations with third party systems complete the superb user experience.

Perfectly timed quality control

The system guides the operator in timely quality inspections, measurements and in-house controls. Inspections can be performed based on completed orders or machine running time. All deviations are reported, making tracking and handling complaints easy.

Tracking orders

Is the order going to be completed on time, and if not, why? Are we ahead or behind in production? Machine Track shows the status of the order and the related deviations.

Operator enriched data

Machine Track provides the operator with an easy-to-use tool for documenting production issues right into the system. Operator enriched data is a valuable resource for shop floor management.

Transparency of information

Machine Track offers a variety of ways to display information needed in production. Production data illustrated for the needs of the operative staff boosts team spirit, openness and interaction.


improvement in productivity

Olvi Oyj


more production capacity

Pilkington Oy


improvement in productivity

Huhtamäki Foodservice Nordic Oy

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500 customers, 80 000+ users, 10 000+ machines connected, 15 languages ja 30 countries

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“Over the past three years, we have improved the efficiency of our factory by eight per cent. Maint and Machine Track are an important part of the continuous development by which we want to raise our usability and our total utilization rate. In such development, any information we can acquire from the machinery and basic functions needs consistent increase”

Anne Perävainio, Business Excellence Manager, Huhtamäki Foodservice Nordic Oy

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"Before, things were corrected by a voice vote. The person who shouted with the loudest voice got his things put right. Now we have uncompromising information in our use and on the basis of it we can put things in the order of importance. We sit by ARROW data every morning and examine how the previous day has gone; every morning Machine Track gives the data with which it is good to start a new day"

Janne Nikula, CI Manager, Oy Gustav Paulig Ab

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”Implementing was simple and we were able to complete the process in a week. The new system was received very well by the personnel, and there have been no complaints whatsoever. This is certainly due to the fact that Machine Track is easy to use and offers concrete assistance in performing the work. We don’t have to record any disturbances in the production on paper any more, for example”

Lauri Multanen, Production Director, Olvi Oyj

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“The monitoring of the machines has resulted in a capacity growth of as much as 20% with some of the machines. The capacity could also still be increased. This potential could not have been seen without the automated control”

Jarkko Helen, Process Developer, Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy

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“The best quality of ARROW Machine Track is clearness. At a single glance you see which lines are currently in operation. You can also see the recent operation history, that is, the availability during the last few hours”

Jari Vahersalo, Technical Manager, Fazer Makeiset Oy

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“For example, a couple of years ago we implemented a development project on the bulkhead line based on Lean procedures, in which we utilised the data collected by Machine Track to optimise production. As a result, the production of bulkhead metres was doubled. Now we have implemented Lean methods on other production lines as well”

Petri Uotila, Hull Production Development Coordinator, Meyer Turku Oy

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“When the actual events are visible, it is easy to handle information and to use it in decision making – which is now based on reliable figures. In situations such as these, information jotted down on paper based on a gut feeling is not enough. However, data gathered in this new way leaves no room for explanations or speculations"

Kimmo Halme, Project Engineer, Tibnor Oy

All Features

Operator view

A production interface that guides the operator in her work and presents successes visually.

Machine stoppage reporting

Monitoring the status of the machine and reporting related deviations.

Factory View

A visual view of the whole production facility's status in three seconds.

Operator maintenance

Documenting the inspections and findings made by the production operator.


Ensure the overall efficiency of the production plant while avoiding sub-optimization.

Changeover time optimisation SMED

Guidelines, measuring and reporting deviations for product changeovers.

Product and Order Tracking

Monitor product or order completion and associated deviations.

Quality control

Production quality control, measurements and self-monitoring conducted by the operator, based on completion of the order or machine running time.

Process data

Measure various process quantities, such as temperature, pressure, power and surface level, and set threshold values ​​if needed.

Layout View

View at a glance the entire production or selected machines in the factory floor plan.

ACM, Automatic Condition Monitoring

Receive automatic alarms from various meters of the factory, for example by SMS or email.


Create standard reports by product and machine, utilizing the basic production indicators. Analyze the order problematics of individual machines.

SW Integrations

Easy integration with other enterprise systems, such as ERP, APS and WMS.

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