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Improve operational reliability

Novi is a solution for proactive maintenance.

Manage and develop the service and repairs of your machinery with pre-emptive planning, instead of just reactively putting out fires.

Novi digitalizes information for management and development of industrial maintenance. The data serves the needs of both mechanics and foremen. With Novi’s clear and visual interface, teamwork has never been this easy.

Create a collective understanding on maintenance

And start developing your service and repairs

Work and resource planning
Co-operation of production and maintenance
Technical data and documentation
Asset Management

Easy to use and customize

Novi is easy to personalize. Access settings to modify forms, terminology, customs shortcuts and more.

The mechanic comes first

Novi is designed to make the daily work of maintenance mechanics easy. All management and reporting functions are accessible through one clear interface.

Make sense of maintenance procedures

Document and review maintenance processes. Transparent flow of information supports the shop floor management of maintenance while making future development easier than ever.

Complete scalability

We have delivered maintenance systems to hundreds of sites, ranging from small shops to large industrial compounds. They all use the same system – only the operating practices vary.


Novi runs smoothly on any device supporting a web browser. All the familiar browser functions are available, including simultaneous use of multiple tabs, printing from browser and creating function favourites. QR code support is included by default.


maintenance work in Novi

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decreased lead-time

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facilities in one maintenance system


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500 customers, 80 000+ users, 10 000+ connected machines, 15 languages and 30 countries

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“Implementing Novi was extremely easy, because some of the basic work had already been done during the transition to ARROW Maint. Novi is very user friendly and the user interface is clear”

Tobias Lang, Technical Manager, Ifolor AG, Switzerland

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“The introduction of Novi was very fast and we were able to use the system in our everyday work from the start”

Juha-Jaakko Niemelä, Production Manager, Finn Spring Oy

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“Novi’s web world and visual features convinced. Changing the systems was rather effortless. The specifications were transferred to the new system in one run and the expenses of the system project stayed within agreed limits”

Lasse Leinonen, Purchase Manager, Kuusakoski Oy

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“The ARROW Novi product has been a very successful project on many levels. The implementation cycle was less than one month, with the majority of the time spent locating, documenting and updating data in our legacy systems”

Scott Griscom, Valmet North America, Roll Service

Core system

Machine and Equipment Registry

Work Planning and Management

Production Fault Notice

Preventive Maintenance Management

Spare parts




Additional Features

Purchase order

Making, dispatch and managing a purchase order.

ACM, Automatic Condition Monitoring

Monitor automatically tracked production event data and work card generation into Novi.

Salary card

Saving salary hours into Novi.

RTM, Running Time Maintenance

Machine maintenance based on the machinery running time.

Email alerts

Maintenance tasks and warehouse transactions delivered as messages to email to boost information flow.

GSM alerts

Maintenance tasks and warehouse transactions delivered as text messages to your cell phone to boost information flow.

Route maintenance

Checking of routine inspection tours, such as indicators, inspections and maintenance tasks. Confirm multiple work cards at once, while saving machine-specific maintenance history.

Operator driven maintenance

Documenting the inspections and findings made by the production operator.

Inventory management

Manage materials in Novi: intake, arrival, inventory and returns. Multi-storage and alarm tresholds for item purchases.


Introduce barcodes to inventory management to speed up daily warehouse transactions.


Entry form for machine-specific measurements, for example minutes of machine commissioning.


Broadcasting maintenance information on the infoTV system of the facility.


Saving log data on all changes, creating, altering and deleting.


Documenting, browsing and searching the history of all maintenance events. Replace paper diaries. Create maintenance tasks directly from diary.

Work safety

Document safety issues, such as close calls and accident reports. Automatic sharing on the progress of work safety information.

ARA Root Cause Analysis

Tool for continuous development. Guided reporting for analyzing malfunctions and developing maintenance procedures.

Task Management

Manage and track maintenance tasks.

Management of work permits

Management and upkeep of maintenance work permits. Permits can be directed to a certain work order.

Partner Interface

A limited access user interface for maintenance partners to fill out service reports.

Factory expansion

Corporations can handle the maintenance of all manufacturing plants with one system. Managerial view for harmonizing maintenance, tracking investments, comparing and benchmarking.

SW Integrations

Integrates easily with other enterprise systems, for example. ERP, MES, map systems and control rooms.

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