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Develop operational management

Shop Floor Manager filters and visualizes data gathered from the manufacturing to support decision-making in production meetings.

The system helps production staff to focus their efforts on what is important right now.

Shop Floor Manager helps you hold the daily meetings of production and maintenance teams right there on the factory floor.

Lead your production with Lean principles

And eliminate deviations with shop floor management

Lead proactively
Create an open environment
Encourage participation
Make decisions

Manage with digital information

Shop Floor Manager gathers data from the manufacturing processes to support operational management. The system replaces traditional whiteboards with a digitally visualized presentation.

Automated in-depth reports

Shop Floor Manager collects information generated by ARROW systems as well as integrated ERP and MES systems. Digitalisation reduces manual work, allowing more focus on data analysis. Automation is systematic and standardized.

Reveal manufacturing deviations

How did we do yesterday? What do we have planned for today and tomorrow? Are we keeping up with the production schedule? Shop Floor Manager reveals the production status in real-time and guides you to focus on what’s important right now.

Serves many organisation levels

Shop Floor Management model can be extended to higher organisational levels. While the operational production team discusses tomorrow’s work load, management can focus on the entire week. The data is tailored for the needs of each team.

Management decisions made easy

Visualisation of data is an efficient way of understanding complex issues and increasing operational transparency in factory environments. In visual management, the “three second rule” is often mentioned. It means conveying essential information quickly through visualisation. Utilizing visual data in shop floor management provides a factual basis for both proactive and reactive decisions.

Information displayed in Shop Floor Manager

Work safety notifications and accidents

5S audit trend and anomalies

Work queue

Deviations from the production plan

Quality tolerances

Deviations related to product changes

Initiatives and improvement proposals

Open maintenance tasks

Problem-solving tasks

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Shop Floor Manager

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